The Indian Tourism, Hospitality & Wellness Industry is 40th (among 136 economies across the world in 2017) as per ranking in Tourism & Travel Competitive Index (TTCI) released by the WEF. Between 2000-2014, the arrival of foreign tourists in India increased at an annual growth rate of 10.2%, which is significantly higher than the world average of 4.4%. This sector has provided 36 million jobs (23 million direct jobs)

Tourism in Assam

Assam with its history, heritage, ethnicity, culture and wildlife has an inherent tourism potential. Several river cruises provide a unique experience to tourists taking them on a scintillating journey through the magnificent Brahmaputra. With a vast expanse of tea estates, golf courses, rivers and a tourism circuit connecting other North eastern states as well as countries like Bhutan, the tourism sector is a major investment prospect in the state of Assam.

  1. Contribution of Tourism to Assam’s GDP is around 5.5 per cent
  2. It provides approximately 10.5 per cent of the total employment in the state
  3. Tourist arrivals in the state increased by a whopping 16% during 2015–16
Growth Drivers
  • People
    Changing Consumer Dynamics
  • Price
    Innovative Financial Solutions
  • Process
    New Services, Low Cost travel
  • Policy Making
    Government Initiatives
  • Promotion
    Safety, Security & Convenience
  • Place
    Destinations with diversity & connectivity

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