Leveraging Assam Ecosystem:

With of 1.3 billion tonnes of crude oil and 156 billion cubic metres of natural gas, Assam accounts for 15% of India’s crude output. The state is positioned strategically to take advantage of the proximity to BBN & ASEAN Countries which account for approximately 10% of total Plastic exports of India. Currently, 31 industrial units are engaged in manufacturing of plastic products with annual installed capacity 320000 MT. The state has access to a trained human capital through 20 Engineering related institutes including CIPET, IIT, Plastic Waste Management Centre.

The necessary feed stock for the Plastic Industry is available from Brahmaputra Crackers and Polymers Limited (BCPL) located near Dibrugarh. BCPL produces High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) totalling 2, 20,000 Tonnes per Annum (TPA) and 60,000 TPA of Poly-Propylene.

Key Infrastructure in Assam for Plastics Manufacturing:

A Plastic Park at Tinsukia, with present allocable area of 4,80,000 sqm., provides a key zone for investments into the plastics manufacturing sector.

Key Players in Plastics Sector in Assam

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